ACME Cafe – Classic Regional American Cuisine in Salem

When the tantalizing aroma of sizzling bacon and the warm comfort of fluffy pancakes call, there’s one place that often springs to mind: ACME Cafe. This culinary gem of Salem serves up classic regional American fare like Grandma will eat – but with a gourmet twist. Walking in their doors I was welcomed by retro decor along with a buzzing atmosphere which made me imagine old school dining.

I realized this was no ordinary diner when I first savored their buttermilk biscuit – flaky, golden brown and buttery – I was in for a treat. Each dish I sampled was full of locally sourced ingredients, elevating humble classics to brand new heights. The meatloaf? More like melt-in-your-mouth savory goodness that had me contemplating the secrets behind its perfection. And don’t get me started on their seasonal pie selection; it is a carousel of sweets that keeps you coming back. And believe me when I say clicking this review is like opening a treasure trove of edible treats – you won’t be disappointed!

Key points I touched on in this post.

1. I like ACME Cafe ambiance. It is just like going back to a 50s diner with its vintage decor and vibe. The place sets a nostalgic mood with which to dine, and each visit is unique.

2. I always like the authenticity of the regional American cuisine they serve on their menu. They have dishes that are New England style – New England clam chowder or southern fried chicken – that represent various parts of America.

3. I love they use local ingredients. It appears as though ACME Cafe is all about fresh, high quality products – which shows in the flavors of the food. Additionally, it feels good knowing I support local farmers and producers.

4. They have excellent customer service. I’ve always been greeted with a smile and attentive staff anytime I visit. The waiters know the menu and always recommend something different to try in case you’re stuck.

5. And lastly, ACME Cafe has some incredible homemade pies – you have to try these! You can get apple pie or pecan – something to round out your meal or grab a slice to go.

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Ambiance & Decor in ACME Cafe.

I suppose entering ACME Cafe is like returning to a simpler time, with its quaint, nostalgic decor that pays tribute to classic Americana. The walls are covered in vintage signs and old items that really capture old school charm. Seating which comfortably accommodates intimate tables along with larger communal ones ensures comfort for all diners, couples and families.

Savoring the Starter Selections.

On my last visit, I dove into their appetizers menu. The fried green tomatoes were particularly good – so good they were melting in my mouth – they had a Southern taste and had been crisp. Each bite was a tangy, sweet medley accompanied by their house made remoulade.

Main Courses to Remember.

Now for the main dishes. Their meatloaf is a substantial, succulent meatloaf made with pork and beef. The special glaze is really a savory-sweet glaze that finishes off this comfort food classic. Not to mention their rotating specials which feature locally sourced ingredients like their catch-of-the day with a coastal twist.

Heartwarming Side Dishes.

A meal here would not be complete without trying their side dishes. The buttery, fluffy mashed potatoes earned my genuine praise, as did the seasonal vegetable medley, which was a vibrant showcase of farm-to-table freshness. I particularly enjoyed the flavors and textures that went with the main courses.

Delectable Desserts.

Desserts menus at ACME Cafe – exactly where to begin? It is a collection of classic American sweet treats. I had a piece of their apple pie: warm, comforting nostalgia encased in flaky crust and topped with cinnamon spiced apples. It was the most perfect way to end the meal – topped with ice cream.

Excellent Service Experience.

The service is also worthy of a mention. Staff were extremely helpful and welcoming from the second I walked in. Their recommendations were spot on and were attentive all through the evening.

My Take on the Beverage Selections.

For drinks, ACME Cafe offers regional craft beers, wine and classic cocktails. The Oregon Pinot Noir I selected went nicely together with the meatloaf – it had earthy tones and was strong. It looks like they’ve paid as much attention to regional authenticity on their drink menu as they’ve their food.

Commitment to Local Sourcing.

It is always nice to see restaurants that support local sourcing, and ACME Cafe is not an exception. They work with regional farms and producers, which enhances community relationships in addition to the freshness and flavour of the dishes.

Dining Accommodations & Accessibility.

I see ACME Cafe is accessible and has vegetarian options. Their willingness to adjust dishes to suit various requirements is commendable, making for an inclusive dining atmosphere.

Is ACME Cafe for Special Occasions / Events?

Birthdays, anniversary or simply a family gathering – ACME Cafe creates the most perfect setting with its warm atmosphere, delicious menu and knowledgeable staff.

Explore ACME Cafe’s Take on Classic American Desserts.

For people who like to spend money on sweets, their dessert lineup reflects American culinary tradition. The rich, velvety chocolate cake is a must try, each slice lavish in its cocoa depth. Such traditional comforts are what ACME Cafe provides with regularity.

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How Do You Make The Most Of Your ACME Cafe Experience?

1. Reserve in advance in case you plan to dine during peak times.

2. Don’t skimp on the starters; They set the scene for the culinary adventure to come.

3. Ask for daily specials from staff ; they frequently reflect the best of seasonal and local offerings.

4. Pair your meal and beverage of choice based on their recommendations.

5. Save room for dessert, as it’s a sweet epitome of the classic American dining experience.

6. Take a look at the Cafe for your next event; Their atmosphere and menus are ideal for group celebrations.

7. For vegetarians and special dietary requirements, ask the server to personalize your dish.

8. Reflect on local sourcing philosophy of restaurant. It makes the meal more enjoyable.

9. Enjoy the decor and atmosphere. It is all part of ACME Cafe’s charm.

10. Feedback after a meal is appreciated and also helps them keep their high standards.

FAQ on ACME Cafe

What kinds of regional American dishes do ACME Cafe serve?

ACME Cafe provides hearty, regional American fare. You will find from Southern fried chicken, to New England clam chowder. The menu is a culinary road trip through some of America’s fave culinary landscapes here in Salem :.

What’s ACME Cafe’s signature dish that I should try?

Everything on the menu is excellent, but the star dish is their smoked bbq. It is smoky, juicy, and tender – a classic American barbecue classic.

Does ACME Cafe have a gluten free menu?

Yes they do. ACME Cafe provides gluten-free options in addition to some traditional dishes. Inform the server of your requirements and they are going to take you through the menu.

Vegetarian or vegan choices?

Of course. ACME Cafe serves vegan and vegetarian dishes. No one is left out on their plant-based plates, which are just as flavourful and inventive as their rest of the menu.

Do I need to book a reservation to dine at ACME Cafe?

Walk-ins are always accepted, though reservations are suggested at ACME Cafe during peak dining hours. It is the easiest way to reserve a table for a smooth dining experience.

Is ACME Cafe kid friendly?

ACME Cafe is an all day family restaurant. They have a kids menu with kid friendly favorites and a place that feels like home to toddlers and teens.

Can ACME Cafe hold big parties or private events?

Regardless of whether you are putting together a family reunion or a corporate event, ACME Cafe can accommodate big groups. They also provide private dining on request.

What is the price range for the ACME Cafe menu?

The ACME Cafe menu has something for everybody at different price points. From cheap comfort food classics to costlier premium cuts of meat, there is something for every wallet.

What are a few of ACME Cafe’s signature beverages or regional beers?

Yes, ACME Cafe serves up local spirits in signature cocktails and a selection of local craft beer. Their bar menu fits the regional feel of the cafe.

Is there parking near ACME Café?

Parking is a pain in Salem, however, not to be worried about. ACME Cafe has adjacent parking for patrons, making it a hassle free starting point for your culinary adventure.

Last Thoughts on ACME Cafe.

After several visits to ACME Cafe I think it’s a treasure in Salem worthy of all the praise it gets. The atmosphere is always high energy and the plates coming from the kitchen area are an homage to America’s diverse food culture.

Whether you would like a hearty soup or maybe a juicy steak, ACME Cafe is a must for anyone looking for comfort food done right. What keeps me coming back are the flavors but also the warmth and professionalism of staff. Those who haven’t been are missing out on some Americana done right.