How to Julienne

If you’re anything like me, your chopping skills may need some sharpening. For some reason, julienning fruits and vegetables has always been difficult for me—it’s a lot of precise cutting, alignment, and time. However, learning to julienne will significantly up your “gourmet” factor; friends and family will pick up a forkful of vegetables, gasp, and ask, quietly, “Are these… julienned?”


Learning to julienne goes beyond trying to impress friends and family. Perfect for making coleslaw, pickling, and topping a variety of foods, these sliced vegetables will improve your personal eating experience. The best part? Once you get the motion down, it’s easy as heck.



  1. Take any fruit or vegetable slice thinly on the diagonal. If you’re just starting out, choosing something firm but not difficult to cut—a carrot or cucumber will do.


  1. Stack several of the slices and cut them thinly into matchsticks.


  1. That’s literally it. You’re done. Go make some coleslaw!


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