HUB Restaurant & Creamery, Tucson, Arizona

When it comes to tickling your taste buds with a memorable combination of flavors, the HUB Restaurant 1&1 Creamery in Tucson, Arizona, stands out like a culinary beacon in the night. This restaurant is my personal culinary nirvana, right in downtown Tucson. Each bite is like a handshake between your tummy and your soul, from their homemade ice cream to their comfort foods.

Picture this: you are meandering through Tucson’s lively streets when the scent of sizzling specialties wafts through the air, guiding you to a food lover’s paradise. Believe it or not, letting go of these scents is much better than discovering an oasis in the desert. At HUB Restaurant & Creamery, I have enjoyed everything from their juicy burgers that are cooked to perfection to their creamy mac’ n’ cheese that could make even the most discerning grandmother nod in approval.

And don’t forget dessert—their rotating ice creams are like heaven on earth. Look no further if your palate is seeking quality and innovation. But wait—I haven’t shared all of the yummy secrets yet!

Key points I touched on in this post.

1. I like the variety of the menu in the HUB Restaurant & Creamery in Tucson, Arizona. They have classic American comfort food with an American twist. They have dishes for all tastes and preferences, so it is a good place for tourists and locals to eat too.

2. I love that they use local ingredients. It demonstrates that HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery puts quality and freshness into their meals, supporting local farmers and ensuring each meal is of the highest quality.

3. And their homemade ice cream is my personal favorite part. They’ve made dessert a culinary art form, with over 300 flavors that change seasonally. The creativity behind every flavor combo makes this a must-see for just about any sweet tooth.

4. The lively HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery enhances the dining experience. Whether I’m stopping by for a quick dinner or celebrating something special, the energy makes me feel at home there.

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5. And thirdly, they have excellent customer service each time I go there. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, so they can make recommendations and ensure every guest has a wonderful time at HUB Restaurant & Creamery.

My visit to HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery.

When I was recently in Tucson, I had to stop by HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery because I had heard so much about their eclectic menu and hand-made ice cream. Sitting in the heart of downtown Tucson, this particular place emanates a vibe of casual sophistication. The atmosphere once you walked in was lively and inviting, with a modern feel mixed with rustic charm.

A Very Eclectic Menu That Entices.

I liked that HUB has various flavors. As I perused, the offerings ranged from comfort food with a twist to inventive dishes that showcased the chef’s creativity. It was a bit of a challenge choosing what you should eat. I tried the Hub Mac’n Cheese, a comforting dish topped with a crispy topping made from a combination of cheddar and Swiss cheeses.

A Star Attraction: House-Made Ice Cream.

No visit to HUB is complete without stopping by for some ice cream. They are very proud of their homemade frozen treats. It is a culinary art that they have perfected. The flavors of the ice cream rotate regularly, so I got to try new ones like Whiskey Caramello and Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache. The texture was creamy, and the flavors were robust but not overpowering.

Craft cocktails and local brews.

HUB also serves up some craft cocktails and local beer besides the food. I sipped on a perfectly balanced cocktail crafted with local spirits while observing the bustling scene. Each sip paired perfectly with the dishes—the mac’n cheese was creamy and the ice cream was sweet.

A Commitment to Local Ingredients.

I like restaurants that support local farmers and manufacturers, and HUB does exactly that. I talked with the staff and discovered that many of their ingredients are bought locally, so they keep it fresh and support the community. And that commitment shows on the plate, where the quality of the ingredients truly shines.

Service that matters.

The waitstaff at HUB were friendly and knowledgeable, adding warmth to the overall experience. They provided recommendations tailored to my tastes, and their timing was impeccable, ensuring every course arrived perfectly paced.


The inside of HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery was created in an industrial chic style that is both inviting and fashionable. Reclaimed wood and soft lighting made this a cozy spot for a date night or a get-together with friends.

Accessibility and convenience.

HUB is in the heart of downtown Tucson. They do have parking solutions, but I found it pretty simple to walk from my accommodation. Reservations can also be made at the restaurant, especially during peak hours.

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Hosting events and celebrations.

Another aspect worth mentioning is their accommodation for private events. If you’re looking to host a celebration, HUB might be a charming spot. They do have private dining that I peeked at and looked just like they might be great for small gatherings or business dinner parties.

My personal thoughts.

Overall, I was satisfied with my trip to HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery. It appears they’ve perfected the recipe for an unforgettable dining experience. It is the attentive service, the intriguing dishes, and the relaxed, chic atmosphere that tend to make them stand out.

What Can You Try at HUB Restaurant & Creamery?

  • Skip the appetizers. Something such as the Hub Wings can kickstart your palate.
  • Enjoy comfort food like their Mac’n Cheese or bacon-wrapped meatloaves.
  • Leave room for dessert; ask the staff for current taste ideas, particularly the ice cream.
  • Try one of their artisan cocktails or one of the local beers.
  • For a more secluded dining experience, go during off-peak times and make a reservation.

What cuisines does HUB Restaurant serve?

You can find American comfort foods with a modern twist at HUB Restaurant 1 & 1 Creamery. They serve up burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese, in addition to more unusual fare reflective of Tucson’s culinary scene.

Is there a dessert highlight at HUB Restaurant & Creamery?

Definitely! Homemade ice cream is a specialty in the creamery at HUB. They make flavors to please any sweet tooth and are a good way to end a meal.

Do they have dietary restrictions?

Yes, HUB Restaurant & Creamery can accommodate special dietary requests. They can accommodate you if you are gluten-free, vegetarian, or even have other food sensitivities!

Can I make a reservation at HUB Restaurant?

Yes, securing a table at HUB Restaurant is easy. You can reserve a spot on the internet or by phone so you know you have one when you arrive.

What’s the ambiance like at HUB Restaurant & Creamery?

Step into the HUB and expect a lively, inviting atmosphere. It has casual comfort with a slightly upscale feel and is suitable for many occasions.

Is there a kids menu at HUB Restaurant & Bar?

Yes, HUB is kid-friendly and has a kid’s menu that feeds the little ones with kid-friendly choices.

Are there any signature cocktails available?

For sure! The bar at HUB serves up creative and refreshing cocktails. Their mixologists whip up specialty beverages to pair with your meal.

Is HUB Restaurant & Creamery mindful of food allergies?

They look after guests with food allergies. You should tell your server if you have any allergies so the kitchen can prepare your food accordingly.

Does HUB provide takeout or delivery services?

Yes, HUB does offer takeout, and they work with a few delivery services so you can eat your food at home.

Where can I park near HUB Restaurant?

Parking is usually accessible on the streets around HUB Restaurant & Creamery, and there are also nearby parking garages. Check for time limits and fees for these spots.

Final Thoughts on HUB Restaurant & Creamery, Arizona, Tucson.

After savoring the culinary canvas at HUB Restaurant & Creamery, I’m always left with a sense of fulfillment and a curious palate eager for the next visit. It’s more than a restaurant. It is a place where every bite is a little celebration of flavors and textures. The staff is devoted to customer satisfaction and creates memorable dining experiences. In a city bursting with gastronomic delights, HUB is a beacon for foodies and a testimony to Tucson’s expanding food scene.

Whether it is the handcrafted ice cream or the inventive entrees, HUB Restaurant & Creamery always leaves me eagerly anticipating my next visit.