Pho Sunshine

This was one of our first stops on the trip, so I’ll make the post short. After making a cross border trip, I was starving for dinner, and decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant in South Surrey on the way home. Pho Sunshine is located in the Safeway plaza by King George and 24th. It’s a pretty small restaurant, but there were lots of items on the menu. 

The house special beef noodle soup came with rare steak, brisket, trip, beef balls, and other goodies. The soup was flavorful, light, and not too salty. It was a solid bowl of noodle soup, and one I could imagine going back for seconds on if I had ordered it. 

That said, I wasn’t in a mood for soup – who is after travelling? Instead, I ordered the vermicelli bowl with BBQ pork and shrimp (#42 on the menu). The vegetables were fresh, both the pork and shrimp were really flavorful with nice BBQ char and smokiness. I liked this a lot; it was super tasty. 

I’m glad I decided to try out a restaurant I might not have picked on a different trip. This was a good find in South Surrey and one that set my expectations pretty high for the duration of my miniature vacation.  


15355 24 Ave #230 

Surrey, BC V4A 2H9 Canada