Szechuan Zeng’s Restaurant, Surrey

I planned to go Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant for dinner, but unfortunately there was no table for us there. Our backup plan was the Chinese restaurant in Surrey central by Pho Tam, but I didn’t really pay attention to the restaurant sign outside, and it wasn’t until I sat down and looked at the menu that I realized we walked into a Szechuan restaurant. 

Szechuan Zeng’s Restaurant doesn’t serve regular Cantonese Chinese food – just spicy Szechuan cuisine. There’s a lot of items on the menu, but we just went with what we’re familiar with: Everything to medium spice level. 

Our first dish was a cold dish: beef & tendon in spicy oil. This was a really nice appetizer to have. The beef and tendon were sliced super thin, really great mix of texture together. It wasn’t too spicy, just delicious. Next, we had kung pao chicken. This was also not very spicy. The chicken was very tender, nice and saucy. This makes a good dish to go with a bowl of plain rice. 

There wasn’t much vegetable options here, so we went with the traditional green beans with minced pork. This was really tasty, not too spicy nor salty. The beans still had nice crunchy texture.  

The real spicy dish of the night was the fish in chili soup. If you are looking for authentic, tongue numbing Szechuan food, this delicious dish will not disappoint! Really tender fish, although greasy soup base. I would like to come back and try the beef version of this.  

Lastly, we had some house special fried rice with shrimp, chicken and vegetables to soak up all the chili oils from other dishes.  

Honestly, this was a way better experience than I thought I would have. The waitress we had was really nice, and food was well made. It’s nice to know that Surrey has a good Szechuan restaurant.