About Me

John Watson

MePlusFood.com – your one stop shop for all things food!

I am John Watson, the owner/creator of this website, and I love food.

I have always loved good food and have worked in eateries and kitchens locally and around the globe. MePlusFood.com began as a way for me to document my food experiences, write honest reviews of restaurants I’ve visited and encourage other people to try the diverse tastes of the world.

Our goal at MePlusFood.com is simple: To be a place where fellow food enthusiasts can gain knowledge about restaurant experiences, recipe inspiration and chat about gastronomy. We think that food can unite people, create memories and connect us to cultures and traditions.

Our long-term objective is remaining a go to for foodies everywhere. We want to grow, work with great chefs and food experts and help the world become a much better place by food. Food feeds our bodies as well as our souls – and that is why we celebrate it as well.

Join me on this spicing up journey. Together we’ll savour the world, bite by bite.