Artichoke Basille’s Pizza – A Really Heavy Duty Pizza in NYC

Ever get a slice large enough to make you feel like you are doing weights in the gym? That is Artichoke Basille’s pizza, the East Coast heavyweight champ on the New York City pizza circuit.

Creamy, artichoke-laden goodness on a thick, crispy crust that will make any carb-conscious eater would like to slam their diet plan out the window.

You will swear by one bite of their artichoke pizza that you will be in an Italian grandmother’s kitchen, where calories are not important and cheese pulls are abundant.

Now let’s talk size, because these guys mean heavy-duty. Each slice is a monster, stuffed with sauces and cheeses that can give your jaw muscles much more work compared to a long day of talking.

I ventured to this iconic pizzeria expecting just another trendy spot. Instead, I was eating what could be the most decadent pizza here on the Atlantic.

It was an experience that left me lugging a food baby around for hours afterward.

Key points I touched upon in this post.

1. I was utterly impressed with Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. Their slices are big and filling. And as opposed to other NYC pizza locations, a slice here is often more than enough for a meal. This says a lot about just how much you get for your money, especially in a high-cost city.

2. The artichoke slice was extremely special to me. It has artichoke hearts and spinach, a cream sauce, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romesco cheese. The result is a heavy, creamy pizza that is unlike any other New York City pizza.

3. I like the fact that Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is consistent in quality over time. They haven’t sacrificed the size or taste of their pizzas as they’ve grown and become popular. I look for that consistency in food establishments, so I know I can expect a good experience each time I go there.

4. Their atmosphere is casual with no frills, so the emphasis is on the pizza. When I enter one of their locations, I know that all the attention has been paid to making those big slices rather than frills or gimmicky decor.

5. One aspect of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza that caught my attention is how well they’ve adapted to New York City’s late-night culture. They stay open late, so it is a good spot to grab dinner after a night out or a late dinner before almost all places close.

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Discovering the Famous Artichoke Slice.

On my latest visit, I went with their flagship slice, the artichoke.

I was served an ample portion of artichoke hearts, cream sauce, spinach, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano cheese on a crust. The slice testified to decadence.

This is not your typical New York thin-crust pizza.

Taste Profile: Unique Flavor.

The pizza here is a mix of flavors. The cream sauce is creamy and thick, with a slight tang that goes nicely with the slight bitterness of the artichokes.

There’s some complexity there that I don’t see in pizza. It is a culinary journey on a plate.

Ingredients and Freshness.

I constantly inquired about the ingredients, and I learned that Artichoke Basille’s Pizza prides itself on fresh produce and high-quality cheese.

As I bit into the gooey cheese, I noticed it was still fresh and had the right balance between elastic and creaminess—an indication they don’t cut corners on quality.

The Hefty Nature of the Pizza.

The slice is hefty. I did finish one slice, however, which was a little satisfying. It is a huge, hearty pizza that fills you up.

The fact that a slice weighs a ton in your hand is your first indication that this is a place that doesn’t skimp on serving size or even toppings.

The signature crust.

Pizza lovers are aware that the crust can either make or even break the experience. Artichoke Basille’s features a crust that is doughy and thick yet appealingly crispy on the bottom.

It’s a solid foundation that will not become soggy from the good-sized toppings.

Atmosphere and Service.

As memorable as the pizza is the atmosphere inside the pizzeria. It is casual and enjoyable, and there is a buzz that it’s a favorite with locals.

The staff is energetic and quick to smile, which makes dining here feel personal in spite of the bustle.

Insider Tips and Menu Recommendations.

And as a veteran visitor, I have some tips. For first-timers, pace yourself; those slices are full. Check out their other offerings as well.

Their specialty is the artichoke, though they have other choices too. The crab slice, crab sauce with fresh mozzarella and surimi stuffing, is yet another must for seafood enthusiasts.

Pairings and Combinations.

To balance the richness of the pizza, I suggest pairing your slice with a refreshing beverage. They have some sodas on tap, but a cold beer would most likely cut through that creaminess and show off the pizza a little more.

Final Thoughts on the Pizza Experience.

If you want a light snack before I go any further, you might want to pass. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is really a full-on culinary excursion; a slice here is a dedication to indulge. But in case you would like something truly special in pizza, you gotta go check it out.

Pro tip: How to enjoy a slice of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

1. Avoid long lines at peak hours.

2. Try a few slices to find out the way the flavors combine.

3. In case you are not a big eater, split a slice; they are big.

4. Grab some napkins; you will need them for those saucy slices.

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5. If you like the pizza, ask for merchandise. They occasionally have shirts and hats for sale.


What exactly makes Artichoke Basille’s pizza distinct from other NYC pizza joints?

In a sea of pizza joints in the Big Apple, Artichoke Basille’s is known for its creamy artichoke slaw, tangy blend of cheeses, and savory toppings. Their pizza is much more than a meal; it is an experience; each slice is a thick slice with a rich flavor in contrast to any thin-crust pie.

What are a few of the highlights on the menu at Artichoke Basille’s?

Certainly! They also have a crab version with crab sauce, fresh mozzarella, and panko-ccrusted surimi, besides their artichoke pizza, which is a definite must-try. In case you prefer something more traditional but just as delicious, their Margherita and Pepperoni pizza with their classic flavors and generous toppings will satisfy.

Is there a vegetarian pizza at Artichoke Basle’s?

Absolutely! Their meaty pizzas are popular, but they don’t leave vegetarians out. And the artichoke pizza is a veggie lover’s dream come true, as is the Margherita pizza because of its very simple but beautifully balanced tomato, mozzarella, and basil mix.

How big are the slices compared with other New York pizza joints?

We mean’ Heavy Duty’! The slices at Artichoke Basille’s are large, hefty, and thick; they fill up quickly. One or two slices will often satisfy even the pickiest of patrons—a far cry from the thicker New York-style slices you will find everywhere else.

Can there be gluten-free food available?

They specialize in their classic flour crusts, but there are no gluten-free options. For the latest gluten-free options and cross-contamination policy, always call the restaurant directly in case you have stringent dietary restrictions.

What’s the environment like at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza?

Expect a cozy, no-frills atmosphere that puts the spotlight firmly on their heavenly pies. It is casual and sometimes full of locals and tourists who come in captivated by the scent of quality pizza.

Are their pizzas budget-friendly?

Good food in New York usually comes at a price, and Artichoke Basille’s is pricier than most and comes in big portions. You might pay a little more than your average pizza joint, but the flavor and portion sizes are often well worth it.

Can they deliver, or is it dine-in-and-takeout?

Convenience is crucial in NYC, so Artichoke Basille’s caters to that need with dine-in as well as takeout options. They also work with a few food delivery services, so you can get your pizza fix at your own personal place.

Are Artichoke Basil’s Pizzas allergenic?

They actually do deal with common allergens such as seafood, gluten, and dairy; ask restaurant staff if they are able to accommodate your dietary requirements.

Is there a best time to visit to avoid lengthy waits?

Much like a lot of NYC hotspots, the very best times to visit are generally during off-peak hours, like late evening or mid-afternoon on weekdays. Still, a little wait is a sign of goodwill in New York City, huh?

Final Conclusion

Exploring the food obsession that is Artichoke Basille’s pizza, I have frequently been impressed by the huge pizzas that can only really be called craft masterpieces in New York pizza culture.

Their commitment to a heartily satisfying experience shines through with every rich, cheesy bite. Not to mention, no visit to NYC would be complete without grabbing one of Artichoke Basille’s densely tasty pies.

It is a culinary journey that becomes a memory, one slice at a time.

What can make a pizza great is all rolled up in the offerings of Artichoke Basill’s. It is a place where New York’s culinary scene comes alive—from the creamy, luscious artichokes sauce to the carefully selected toppings.

So in case you are local, a foodie, or just passing through, this is just one heavy-duty pizza encounter you have to have.

In case you are not really local, a foodie, or even just passing through, I say go for it.