Carette, Paris

Carette is a patisserie just steps away from Trocadéro station. Originally, I wanted to come here for the macaroons, but ended up getting a savory lunch here instead. To my surprise, the waiters here were very friendly, and fluent in English. I guess it’s because it was located in a very touristy area. I started our lunch with a cup of cafe. 

Then for my lunch, I had a croque madame; one of the things on my must-eat-in-Paris list. The croque madame was delicious, and it came with a refreshing side salad that was more than I expected (knowing Paris portion sizes and all). 

My friend ordered a salad, which we were surprised by the portion size again. It looked small, but the bowl was deep. I really like the Dijon vinaigrette. 

Vegetarian food options were limited here, as is the case with most places in Paris, so my vegetarian friend just ordered baguette with cheese. 

I think Carette is famous for their pastries and macaroons, but I didn’t end up trying any for a couple reasons: 1. It was very expensive, 2. I got quite full from the croque madame.  

Overall, I liked this restaurant. There was free Wi-Fi, waiters were really nice, and it’s 2 minutes’ walk to the Eiffel tower. A pretty good experience all the way around.