Kami Japanese Restaurant, Surrey

Most of my trip was full of outdoor adventure (did you know Surrey has some great hiking spots?), which meant I had a lot of opportunities to gorge on lunch. My friends and I decided to get lunch at Kami Japanese Restaurant in Surrey’s Strawberry Hill complex. I’d previously been to one of their other locations, so I pretty much knew what to expect. This trip confirmed that. 

Originally, we were going to order a few things to share, but the lunch specials looked really good. In the interest of our wallets and bellies, we decided to get those instead. My sister’s lunch set came with 6 pieces of nigiri sushi, udon noodles, and a couple sushi rolls. It was a really good deal, especially because it was under $12CAD. 

The lunch special I got came with 6 pieces sashimi, 3-piece nigiri, 2 sushi rolls, and ebi mayo. I really liked the sashimi. My second favorite was the ebi mayo because the sauce was sweet and peppery, pretty unique. There was so much food for under $15, which meant we had plenty of leftovers to pass the time between lunch and dinner. 

I really recommend coming in for their lunch specials, it’s really worth it for the quality, amount, and variety of food.