There are actually quite a few Koko Black locations in Melbourne. They are well known for delicious chocolates. They have a store where you can buy a bunch of chocolates by the piece, as well as prepackaged items. We bought a bunch to take home, and ordered a few chocolates to taste and eat upstairs. 

The chocolates were awesome. Very rich. My favorite was the Hazelnut Crisp. It had a nice mousse inside with small chunks of hazelnut. I also enjoyed the Dulce de Leche. The inside was such a nice creamy caramel. The Salted Caramel was good too, but I think I prefer my caramel to be a little lighter. It was a little too dark, and had a bit of bitterness. The Honey was my least favorite. I thought it had a strange flavor. 

We also ordered some Cold Hot Chocolates. I chose the coconut caramel and it’s the best chocolate milk I’ve ever had. Besides their delicious milk chocolate, it also had ice cream with bits of thin crunchy caramel in it, and also toasted coconut. So good. 

We bought $70 worth, but unfortunately, we forgot it on the plane back home, and there was nobody at the Tiger Airways desk to help us out. We also had half a dozen of the best macarons in Melbourne from La Belle Miette. Whoever sits in row 22 of that flight, or perhaps the flight attendants, are lucky. 

Koko Black 
335 Bourke St 
Royal Arcade 
Melbourne, VIC