After a long walk around South Bank to check out the fire show at Crown Casino, we had another small meal at Mamasita. We stopped by earlier in the night, but they had a really long line down the stairs. This place is popular! 

On our second attempt, we were seated right away, but the place was still very packed and vibrant. 

We ordered the de Pollo tostaditas, a couple of tacos and Totopos con Guacamole and con Salsa. The chicken on the tostaditas was piled high, and was very moist and tender. It was also topped with queso fresco, some avocado, and chipotle mayo. These were two bite pieces with lots of topping. The grilled chicken was shredded and placed on top, and the avocado was creamy and the mayo was a bit smoky. 

For the tacos we just choose de Pescanado and de Lengua y Chachete. I loved my Lengua taco which came with braised ox tongue & cheek, pickled vegetable & a ghost chili mayo. The tongue was very tender, and it came with a couple of crispy strips of meat, bacon-like. The ghost chili mayo really gets you too. It didn’t seem very spicy at first, but it kind of just creeps on you. It’s really spicy, but I enjoyed it. My friend also enjoyed her crisp fish taco, but it wasn’t as spicy as mine. The Pescado came with lime, achiote paste, red onion salsa and chipotle mayo. They were $6 each though which is pricey for a taco. 

The guacamole was very limey, and not nearly as fresh as the one made in front of us at Mejico. It was more flavorful though, but I prefer it to be chunkier. 

We weren’t that hungry, but we knew we wanted to try it out. I was happy with what I ate, but the tacos are about 3 times more expensive than what I’m used to in Vancouver. Though the one I had here is one of my favorite tacos. 

Level 1, 11 Collins St 
Melbourne, VIC