Moochie’s Meatballs

We found Moochie’s on a whim. They are very popular and make huge, delicious, messy sandwiches. You order up front, and they do have a lot on their sandwich menu. We had to try their Signature Sandwiches. I choose the Moochie’s Handmade Meatball. The 12″ sub was packed with 3 large meat balls cut in half with a nice zesty tomato sauce. I really liked these meatballs which were tender, though a bit dense, and just very meaty. The cheese was super stringy and delicious. Just a mess of a sandwich, but so tasty.

Luckily the friend who I was splitting everything with was down to order the Authentic Philly Cheesesteak, which has tons of grilled slice ribeye and onions. We opted for Provolone cheese, but didn’t add the mushrooms and peppers. It was kind of boring without them (add $1 each). The sandwich was just OK, but I’m sure would be quite a bit better with the extra toppings. Ann was smart enough to add them (see above picture)

They also have  a couple sauces that you can add, the Jumpin’ Jalepeno sauce, and their Fry Sauce. Both pretty good. You can also add two sides for just $2.99, so we tried the fries and Macaroni salad. The fries were nice and crisp, but the macaroni salad was pretty mediocre.

Note that they have a second dining area. It looks like there isn’t much space to sit down and eat, but there is a whole other dining area right next door. It’s where the bathroom is too, though it’s a little creepy because it’s so empty.

Moochie’s Meatballs
232 E 800 S
Salt Lake City, UT

(801) 596-1350