Restaurants to Visit in Rome

As a bonafide foodie and Rome aficionado, I’ve explored the Eternal City’s culinary labyrinth with gusto.

 From family-run trattorias to upscale osterias, each establishment serves up an authentic slice of Roman life. With every bite, my taste buds explored the city’s flavors like a well-prepared appetizer.

Steering clear of tourist traps becomes second nature when you’ve roamed these cobbled streets as often as I have. I’m keen to share some culinary gems that even locals swear by. So tighten your belts; we’re diving into a delectable spread that’ll leave your palate craving more than just gelato!

Restaurants to Visit in Rome

Below, I’ve rounded up five hotspots that’ll not just tickle your palate but etch lifetime memories.

  1. Pizzeria Remo: Start off with an authentic slice of heaven at Testaccio’s Pizzeria Remo. Their thin crust and perfectly charred edges set the gold standard for Roman-style pizza. Don’t miss out on their supple dough, tomatoes crafted into sauce that sings, and mozzarella that teases with its tantalizing melt.

  2. Taverna Trilussa: Next, swing by Trastevere’s Taverna Trilussa for dishes steeped in tradition. Renowned for their ‘Ravioli Mimosa,’ these parcels of pasta hide a burst of flavors within. Make sure you’re starved when you arrive – portions here are legendary as the tales of gladiators!

  3. Roscioli: Amidst cobblestone streets near Campo de’ Fiori, Roscioli offers gastronomes an amalgamation of deli and dining haven. Artisanal selections beckon from every shelf; however, it is their ‘Carbonara’ – with al dente spaghetti robed in creamy egg yolk and crisp guanciale bites – that steals the show.

  4. Santo Palato: Entering Santo Palato feels like a warm embrace from a long-lost friend. In this homey enclave in San Giovanni, Chef Sarah Cicolini serves up soulful classics with panache. Highlights include her ‘Polpette al Sugo’, meatballs simmering sensuously in a rich tomato ragu.

  5. Il Pagliaccio: For those desiring la dolce vita fused with modern sophistication, Il Pagliaccio swings open its doors near Campo Marzio. This Michelin-starred gem dazzles diners through symphonies composed on plates; each course elevates Italian cuisine to artistry under Chef Anthony Genovese’s guidance.
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Remember to explore both famed establishments and quaint trattorias dotting Roma’s snaking alleys where culinary secrets await discovery.

restaurants to visit in rome

Dining Tips to Nurture Your Roman Holiday

Amongst ancient marvels, contemporary chefs craft memorable meals worthy of conversation long after dessert is devoured.

– Pack comfortable shoes because Rome invites you to wander — often leading to serendipitous finds or lesser-known culinary jewels.

– Express gratitude; “Grazie!” – offered sincerely after fulfilling feasts forms instant bonds with local hosts.

– Arrive prepped for later dining hours; Romans typically dine around 9 PM or even later during balmy summer evenings.

Inundate your senses at bustling marketplaces like Campo de’ Fiori: ingredients abound for those who adore cooking al fresco!

Dive headlong into busking traditions too.

Sample street food staples at hole-in-the-wall entities while savoring slices amidst lively piazze chatter — ultimate people-watching ensues!

Dining Delights: A Curated List of Roman Eateries

Rome, a cornucopia of gastronomy, presents an array of eateries from cozy trattorias to high-end establishments. I’ll guide you through a culinary journey in the Eternal City that your taste buds will thank you for. Let’s dig into Rome’s eclectic food scene!

Tasting History at La Pergola

Perched atop the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, La Pergola offers panoramas that rival its cuisine. Helmed by chef Heinz Beck, it boasts three Michelin stars and an unforgettable menu. Precision shines in each dish, and their wine selection is extraordinary.

Must-Try Dish:

  • Linguine with Red Prawns

Rustic Charm At Armando al Pantheon

This gem is nestled beside the ancient Pantheon. Almost a time capsule itself, Armando al Pantheon dishes out Roman staples steeped in tradition. Intimate and bustling, reservations are essential here.

Signature Classic:

  • Cacio e Pepe – simple yet captivating.

Piazza Life at Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

Roscioli perfects the balance between deli and restaurant. Here food tells stories; indulge in the curated meats and cheeses before diving into their pasta masterpieces—their carbonara sings.

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Ambience Tip:

  • Snag a table near the window for people-watching.

Creative Flavors at PippaRèsto

Pierluigi Gallo’s brainchild blends art with exquisite cooking styles. Located off-the-beaten-path, his eatery sparks joy with inventive plates drawing influence from across Italy’s terrain—seafood notably stealing the spotlight.

Taste Noteworthy:

  • Squid Ink Tagliolini – true palate poetry!

restaurants to visit in rome

In The Heart Of Trastevere: Taverna Trilussa

Pastas Worth Every Bite:

– Ravioli Mimosa

– Amatriciana

Taverna Trilussa hums with local vibes.

You’ll spoon up every morsel!

Price Range: Moderate–High

Fried Bites to Start:

  1. Fiori di Zucca (zucchini flowers): Ideal crispy delight.

Budget-friendly Pizza Options:

Pizzeria Ai Marmi:

Known fondly as ‘l’obitorio’, this joint serves quintessential Roman pies.

Thin crust heaven awaits.

They’re generous with toppings too!

Slices staring back? Go on; grab another!

Seasonal Wisdom: In summer, opt for zesty marinara slices!


Every corner of Rome hides edible treasures.

Expand your palate beyond famous landmarks!

“When in Rome…eat as Romans do!”

Ready to explore more? Your next meal might just be around the ancient block!

Taverna Trilussa

FAQ on Restaurants in Rome

What are the top trattorias for an authentic Roman dinner?

Imagine twirling your fork in a bowl of carbonara where each ingredient tells a story. Locals often nudge tourists towards “Da Enzo al 29” or “Armando al Pantheon” for a taste that’s truly Roma.

Can I find gourmet dining with a view in Rome?

Absolutely! Restaurants like “La Pergola”, perched atop the Rome Cavalieri hotel, offer a feast for your palate and eyes. It’s where luxury meets the skyline.”

Are there affordable yet delicious eateries in Rome?

“Yes, and they’re goldmines!” says every savvy traveler. Spots like “Pastificio Guerra” dish out mouth-watering pasta without emptying wallets.

Where can you experience farm-to-table cuisine in the city?

“Il Margutta,” nestled on an artsy street, transforms seasonal bounty into epicurean delights. Foodies flock here to savor sustainability.

For pizza lovers, what pizzerias are must-visits in Rome?

  • Bite into history at “Pizzarium” by Gabriele Bonci
  • Savor blistered crusts at “Pizza e Mozzarella”
  • Mingle with locals over slices at “Ai Marmi”

I have dietary restrictions. Are there restaurants that cater to special diets?

Places like “Ops!” offer vegan options galore while gluten-free guests cheer for “La Soffitta Renovatio’s” expansive menu.

What hidden gems serve delectable Roman cuisine off the beaten path?

Sneak away from crowds to discover places like “Osteria Fernanda”. It’s whispered among food circles but shouts excellence on a plate.

Is there anywhere I can enjoy historical ambiance while dining?

  • Dine amongst ancient relics: See Velavevodetto etched among aqueduct ruins
  • The Renaissance whispers through Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina as you dine under centuries-old ceilings

Vino veritas: Where can oenophiles indulge their passion in Rome?

“Trimani Wine Bar”, don’t miss it! Here, wines converse fluently with refined cheese boards amidst oenophilic charm.

Rome seems pricey; any insider tips for eating well on a budget?

– Street eats! Embark on culinary adventures sampling Arancini balls or supplì from bustling Mercato Testaccio.

– Look beyond main squares; side streets often hide delightful bargains.


In this beautiful dance across cobblestones that guide you to gastronomic reverie, remember these sage words – eat where Romans eat..

My tried-and-tasted advice promises nothing but taste bud galas and serene wallet sighs!. So lace up your walking shoes and embark upon this delicious odyssey across The Eternal City!.