While the Melbourne trip I took early this year wasn’t necessarily a bucket list vacation, this one was. I’m so excited to tell you that I was able to visit Rome, Italy for a few days while on a work trip in a different part of Italy! The city exceeded my expectations, and the food offerings were absolutely incredible.  

Rome’s food scene is a little different from the Italian food Americans are familiar with. The city’s cuisine has evolved over the centuries, even being a major gastronomical center during the ancient Age. Ancient Roman cuisine was very influenced by Ancient Greek culture, and that is definitely still apparent in today’s offerings.  

Most importantly, Rome is known as the birthplace of Carbonara, or Spaghetti alla Carbonara. They do it a little differently and simply than we do in America. Rather than adding lots of onions and garlic, the Romans keep it simple, letting the flavors of the cheese and olive oil do most of the work. 

Stay tuned for some of my restaurant reviews from this quick trip to Rome.