Restaurants to Visit in Salt Lake City

Hey, all. I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but I’ve doing a fair amount of traveling this spring and early summer. And so now, I can a chance to share these experiences with you a little bit. I try to keep things simple on this blog, and I will try to keep this in mind while posting about the restaurants I’ve visited. But also, when you’re traveling, there tends to be a little splurge in all of us, a little sense of this may be the last opportunity I have to give this place a try. With this in mind, I will likely end up offering a variety of choices, some that emphasize convenience and others that emphasize creating memories and acknowledging special occasions.

First up is Salt Lake City. I had been to—or at least through this town—several years ago and, wow, has it changed or just has the feeling of a city rapidly changing. I doubt it reaches the level of preparing for the Olympics—I was there a few years after and after the hoopla had died back. But now the city is seemingly on the move again with signs of construction and expansion everywhere, starting with the airport. The city is just finishing up an expansion of the airport, making already making preliminary plans on the next expansion. Anyway, if you’re in Salt Lake City and need a random spot to eat—but also a place that you maybe can’t find just anywhere—there’s a good chance one of the restaurants on this short list will fill the bill.