There has been a hype over the new Soft Peaks Ice Cream shop in Gastown, and I wanted to check it out during my visit. I was lucky to be invited by them to try out any of the 2 flavors on the menu. I visited on a weekday just after lunch time, and there was still a small line up to get these soft serve ice creams. There are about 7 or 8 flavors on the menu, but I asked for the 2 most popular ice creams. I was given the Honey Comb and Matcha Redbean.  

The ice creams were made with organic Avalon milk, and had a strong milky flavor. The ice cream itself was not sweet in contrast to the toppings. 

I liked the idea of the honey comb, where you can decide how much sweetness you’d like for each spoonful of your ice cream. There were corn flakes at the bottom to add some crunchy texture, but I found this part too sweet because by the time I got there, I had run out of ice cream. 

The Matcha redbean one was really nice, a flavor I’m more familiar with. The mix of condensed milk and sweet red beans was nice with the mild ice cream. 

What I liked about this place was the smooth, creamy ice cream, and the creative toppings. They could be pricey for some people, but given the location, it’s kind of expected.