Café de Flore, Paris

Café de Flore was the one cafe that my friend wanted to visit in Paris. We came here really early for breakfast, just when it opened in fact, and got a table at the sidewalk patio. We got some coffee, and the waiter brought us a tray of croissants, a tray of pastries, and 4 types of jam. 

This was one of my favorite restaurant experiences in Paris, probably it was because it was our first time sitting on the patio. We could people watch while having delicious croissants and cafe creme for as long as we wanted. 

Because we had quite a lot of croissants and pastries left on our trays, we were wondering what to do with them. Should we pack them to go? Should we just stuff ourselves? There was Wi-Fi at the cafe, and we googled that “take away” isn’t really a thing in Paris. So, we looked around, and noticed all other customers had their lid on the pastry trays (both trays came with clear plastic lids). So, we deiced to put the lid back on when we were ready to leave. It was a good thing we did that! Because we were billed by how many croissants, pastries, and jams we ate! So just a tip, always put the lid back on. 

Prices are a bit expensive at Café de Flore, but if you are coming here for an experience, I think it’s worth it.