This was a not on my radar at all, and luckily my friend’s girlfriend recommended this place. It’s a nice small cafe with the most delicious cakes. By far, this is was my favorite dessert place, ever. It was a wonderful place to stop in for a quick bite or to spend a nice, luxurious afternoon noshing on pastry and coffee. 

Already in love with the Millefeuille from La Belle Epoque in Sydney, I knew I had to order it here too since they added hazelnut. I was looking really forward to it, and it did not disappoint at all. Each layer was delicious, and together it was amazing. It was similar to eating a Ferrero Rocher cake, but so much better. So much textural differences – from a mousse layer, to hazelnuts, to a crisp caramel top. It was perfect.  

The Cosmopolitan was a nice little carrot cake with raspberry, light cream cheese layer, and chocolate. Also really good, and not as sweet. It was very light. 

I would come here every day if I lived in Melbourne (although they are only open Monday – Friday until 5PM). So many different cakes, and wonderful coffees. You can order full cakes too, and I would definitely be tempted to buy an entire Hazelnut Millefeuille if they offered it. I was very jealous of all the people who came in and bought entire cakes. I’d love to try their Coconut Tart, and they also had a special Maple Pecan one too.