The Best Restaurants in Surrey, England: Must-Visit Places

England is a great place for foodies, and Surrey, a county that is divided between cities and countryside, is one of the best places to try delicious local food. Personally, I love food, so I couldn’t wait to tell you about the best restaurants in Surrey that you have to try.

Everybody can find something they like in Surrey, from traditional pubs like The Victoria in Oxshott to restaurants with unique food like The Anchor in Ripley. Join me as I look into the best restaurants in Surrey and find out what delicious food you can expect at these well-known spots.

Main Points:

  • The Victoria in Oxshott is a traditional pub that the Michelin guide says has great food and a great vibe. It has a charming atmosphere and serves food made with local, seasonal ingredients.

  • The Anchor in Ripley is a Michelin-starred Gourmand restaurant known for its creative food. It is in a building from the 1400s. In a historic setting, you can eat local, seasonal food.

  • The Garden House in Leatherhead is a restaurant on the Beaverbrook estate that serves comfort food made with ingredients that were grown on the property. In a bright space, you can eat food with a Mediterranean flair.

  • Dastaan in Epsom serves traditional Northern Indian food with a modern twist. This restaurant, which won a Michelin Bib Gourmand award, takes you on a unique journey through food.

  • Latymer in Bagshot is a high-end restaurant in the Pennyhill Park estate that has been given four AA rosettes and one Michelin star. Enjoy British tasting menus made by chef Steve Smith, who has won many awards.

The Victoria in Oxshott

Cozy Setting

At The Victoria in Oxshott, you can enjoy a warm and friendly traditional pub atmosphere. If you like food, this old beer house from the 1800s feels like a warm hug when you walk in because of the exposed brickwork, wooden wainscoting, and vintage decor.

With its well-kept hedgerows, the beer garden in the sun is a great place to enjoy a leisurely lunch. A spot where great food and great company go together like butter.

Signature Foods

I knew what I was going to eat at The Victoria just by looking at the menu. When they make their dishes, they put local, seasonal ingredients front and center.

For every taste, there’s something here, from hearty classics to new ideas. Each dish shows how much thought and care went into it, making the meal one to remember.

For foodies, Oxshott is a hidden gem in Surrey, and The Victoria is one of the best restaurants in the county. I’m looking forward to going back to try more of their tasty food.

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The Anchor and Ripley

Old-World Charm

The Anchor in Ripley is a hidden gem inside a building from the 1400s that oozes old-fashioned charm and personality. The low ceilings and original beams make you feel like you’re back in time as you walk in, making the space feel warm and welcoming.

In the winter, the fireplaces add to the atmosphere, making it a great place to enjoy a meal full of history and comfort.

A Taste of Gourmet

The Anchor is full of charm, but what’s on your plate is where the real magic happens. The restaurant is a great place for food lovers because it has two AA rosettes and a Michelin-starred Bib Gourmand.

Their creative food shows how good they are at cooking, giving you a truly gourmet experience full of flavors that will make your mouth water. Without a doubt, this restaurant is famous for its delicious food, which is why it keeps getting good reviews.

At The Anchor in Ripley, every bite is a journey through delicious flavors and culinary delights that you won’t find anywhere else.

From the historic setting to the delicious food, this restaurant is a must-see for anyone in Surrey who wants to have a memorable meal.

The Garden House, Leatherhead

Beautiful views of gardens

Even though The Garden House in Leatherhead has a delicious menu, the views of the garden are what really draw me in. The kitchen garden makes me feel like I’m eating in the middle of nature because it’s growing so well inside a wall.

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The light-filled rooms and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine perfectly complement the calm atmosphere to create an unforgettable dining experience that I can’t get enough of.

Fresh ingredients from nearby farms

Along with its lovely garden setting, The Garden House in Leatherhead is proud to use only fresh, locally grown ingredients in its food. Every bite of food at this restaurant shows how committed they are to quality and sustainability.

They use only the best ingredients that Surrey has to offer. The care that goes into choosing the ingredients really makes the meal more enjoyable, and it makes me feel like I’m part of the local food scene and community.

Materials: The Garden House in Leatherhead gets its materials from nearby businesses. This way, each dish is not only tasty, but it also helps the community. Every item on the menu, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to meats sourced nearby, shows that the restaurant cares about flavor and freshness.

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The Bailiwick, Egham

Elegant Rustic Look

The Bailiwick in Egham should be on your list of places to see in Surrey. A husband and wife team are in charge of running this free house at the entrance to Windsor Great Park. It’s a charming place to eat traditional country pub food.

The Bailiwick promises a cozy atmosphere and tasty food to satisfy your hunger after a long walk in the park, as it has a Michelin star and only uses fresh local ingredients.

Service above and beyond

I was astounded by how well the welcoming staff looked after me when I visited The Bailiwick in Egham. The staff here goes above and beyond to make sure that every guest has a memorable experience, whether they are dog walkers or people taking a road trip on Sunday.

The focus is on using fresh local ingredients and making menus that change with the seasons. The dedication to providing excellent service is clear in every part of the dining experience.

Great service isn’t just about great food; it’s about the whole dining experience. You can look forward to not only tasty food at The Bailiwick but also a friendly atmosphere where every customer is treated like a VIP.

You’ll feel like you’re part of the family as soon as you walk in, which will make your meal even more special and memorable.

Sorrel, Dorking

Innovative Food

Head Chef Steve Drake, who won the prestigious Roux Scholarship, makes the food at Sorrel in Dorking taste like a work of art. The restaurant has been given four AA rosettes and one Michelin star for its unique take on modern dining.

With seasonal ingredients, each dish is carefully made to take diners on a culinary journey from the fields and hedgerows of Hampshire and Surrey to the coast of the Southeast.

Flavors that have won awards

With one Michelin star and four AA rosettes, Sorrel in Dorking has won a lot of praise for its delicious food. The restaurant has set lunch and dinner menus with six and nine courses, along with new ideas and changes based on the seasons.

Head Chef Steve Drake is in charge of the menus. The kitchen team’s talent and diligence are evident in the unforgettable flavors they produce, making for a dining experience like no other.

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Dastaan, Epsom

Authentic Indian food today

Dastaan in Epsom is the place to go in the middle of Surrey if you want to try modern Indian food. A modern take on Northern Indian flavors, this gem is a real treat.

A talented kitchen staff makes these dishes so well that they earned the restaurant a Michelin Bib Gourmand award. Dastaan promises a culinary journey through the colorful and fragrant world of Indian food, whether you choose to eat there or get it to go.

Recipes and spices

When I went to Dastaan, I was amazed at how well the spices and cooking methods were used to make every dish taste better.

Combining traditional Northern Indian flavors with a modern twist showed how good the chef is at balancing different textures and tastes. Every bite at Dastaan was a treat for the senses, from the fragrant curries to the juicy tandoori dishes. This makes it a must-visit for Indian food lovers in Surrey.

Latymer, Bagshot

High-class fine dining

Now, let me take you on a culinary adventure to Latymer in Bagshot. This is a high-end fine dining restaurant that has one Michelin star and four AA rosettes.

With the talented Head Chef Steve Smith in charge, the food here is unmatched. The restaurant, which is in the Pennyhill Park estate, serves delicious British tasting menus that will please even the pickiest eater.

Beautiful Presentations

At Latymer, each dish is both a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. This is because the plates are presented in an artistic way. The menu changes all the time to reflect the seasons and new ideas. Each plate features the best ingredients from Hampshire and Surrey. The presentation is so well thought out that it takes the dining experience to a whole new level.

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The cute town of Bagshot is home to Latymer, which makes the dining experience even more appealing. The quiet atmosphere of the Pennyhill Park estate makes it a great place to have a memorable meal. Latymer in Bagshot is a must-see for any food lover looking for a truly unforgettable dining experience. It has delicious food, great service, and a peaceful atmosphere.

The Tudor Pass, Egham

Setting for a romance

Going into The Tudor Pass in Egham is like going into a world of romance and elegance that you can’t find anywhere else. This restaurant with a Michelin star is on the Great Fosters estate and has a private dining room that is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a memorable party.

The cozy atmosphere and excellent service make for a truly romantic atmosphere that makes the whole dining experience better.

Menus with European Influence

The Tudor Pass’s European-inspired menus are like no other food adventure you’ve ever had. Your mouth will water when you taste the inventive dishes that the talented kitchen staff, under the direction of Executive Chef Alex Payne, prepares.

Everything about eating at The Tudor Pass is meant to make your trip through the tastes of Europe memorable and enjoyable, from the carefully chosen four- or seven-course set menus to the perfect wine pairings.

The Tudor Pass’s European-inspired menus are a delicious mix of flavors and cooking styles, made by Executive Chef Alex Payne and his skilled team. The four- to seven-course set menus are carefully chosen to show off the best of European food with a modern twist.

Each dish is a work of art in terms of taste and presentation, and the wines that go with them were carefully chosen by the head sommelier. The European-style menus at The Tudor Pass are sure to impress, whether you’re a foodie or just like to eat out occasionally.

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Kinghams Restaurant, Shere

Cute Village Charm

If you want to feel the real charm of Surrey, you have to go to Kinghams Restaurant in the pretty village of Shere. The distinctive personality and welcoming atmosphere of this 17th-century building immediately drew me in. The menu, which is full of delicious foods from the area, shows off the freshness and quality of the food from that area.

Whether you choose to eat by the fire in the winter or outside in the garden in the summer, Kinghams is a cozy and lovely place to have a memorable meal.

Specialties of the Season

At Kinghams Restaurant, seasonal treats are the main attraction. The menu changes with the seasons to show off the best of Surrey’s food. The restaurant’s four-course menu is one of its best features; it lets customers enjoy a wide range of expertly prepared dishes that highlight the flavors of the area.

Every bite at Kinghams is a culinary journey through Surrey’s many treats, from fresh seafood specials to hearty seasonal favorites.

The Abinger Hatch, Dorking

Traditional Pub with a Twist

I can only say that The Abinger Hatch in Dorking is a great traditional pub with a modern twist. With its wisteria-covered front and warm, friendly atmosphere, it’s a great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

The menu has a great variety of seasonal dishes made with the freshest local ingredients, so you’re sure to have a great meal. Everybody can find something they like at The Abinger Hatch, whether they want a traditional Sunday roast or a comforting pub classic.

Warm and hearty comfort food

The Abinger Hatch is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. There’s a reason for that. The hearty comfort food here is a real treat for the taste buds. This gastropub has a lot of charm and friendliness, from the cozy bar area to the big garden with sunbeds.

Enjoy a delicious meal by one of the log fires or outside while taking in the sunshine. The menu changes with the seasons. You should not miss this culinary adventure!

To sum up,

Taking everything into account, the best restaurants in Surrey, England, are a real treat for anyone who loves food. From traditional pubs like The Victoria in Oxshott to high-end restaurants like Latymer in Bagshot, each place to eat offers a different and memorable menu.

Anyone can find something they like to eat in Surrey. In Ripley, The Anchor serves creative food, and in Epsom, Dastaan serves food from Northern India.

If you want to try some of the best food in South East England, you have to go to these places. They have great atmospheres, award-winning chefs, and food that comes from nearby farms.

When you’re next in Surrey, be sure to check out these places and enjoy the tasty treats they have to offer!


Q: What are some must-visit restaurants in Surrey, England?

A: Surrey, England, boasts a variety of amazing restaurants to try. Some must-visit places include The Victoria in Oxshott, The Anchor in Ripley, and The Garden House in Leatherhead.

Q: Can you recommend a cozy pub with great food in Surrey?

A: Absolutely! The Bailiwick in Egham is a charming, husband-and-wife run pub near Windsor Great Park. They serve delicious dishes made with fresh, local ingredients and have a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Q: Are there any fine dining restaurants in Surrey?

A: Yes, there are! Latymer in Bagshot is a fine dining restaurant within the Pennyhill Park estate that has been awarded four AA rosettes and one Michelin star. The menu is crafted with exquisite British dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Q: I’m a fan of Indian cuisine; any recommendations in Surrey?

A: If you love Indian food, you must visit Dastaan in Epsom. They offer authentic Northern Indian dishes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant was even awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand in its first year!

Q: Are there any historic restaurants worth visiting in Surrey?

A: Yes, Kinghams Restaurant in Shere is located in a beautiful 17th-century building in the heart of the picturesque Surrey Hills. They serve local delights and offer a four-course menu that allows you to sample a variety of expertly crafted dishes.