While walking towards Trevi Fountain from the Pantheon, we walked through a street with a bunch of restaurants. It was dinner time, and the street was packed with diners. The host of Hostaria De’ Pastini Pizzeria actually stopped us in our tracks to show us the menu. A bit rude, but it worked and we went in. The outdoor seating was packed. This place had a ton of items on the menu, lots of different salads, bruschetta, pastas, pizzas, and other mains. I was still looking for a good carbonara, so that’s what I ordered. 

I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first Spaghetti Carbonara I had. Way less salty. A bit creamier, with lots of fatty bacon. They were cut into good sized chunks, and the fat was very tender. It was also a larger portion. The fungi bruschetta was packed with a lot of wild mushrooms and topped with a mix of cheeses and baked. 

The pizza here was a bit different. Not as thin as the other ones, and it actually had a bit of a crust to it. It was crisp with a bunch of cheese, and pieces of light prosciutto cotto on top. 

The mushroom ravioli was probably my second friend of the dishes. The salmon was a bit overcooked and a tiny bit dry.  

Tirimisu had a nice coffee flavor and loads of cream. Not too alcoholic. The Pana Cotta was smooth and creamy, but I wasn’t a big fan of the cherry sauce. it came with a cool spoon that rested neatly on your plate though. 

Overall the food at Hostaria De’ Pastini was good, and probably one of the better carbonaras I had in Rome. The pastas in general were really good and they have a good variety of dishes. 

Hostaria De’ Pastini Pizzeria 
Via de’ pastini, 128 
Rome, Italy