“Foodie culture” is on the rise, and home chefs are struggling to keep up. If you’re anything like me, you likely spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed, admiring the wonderful meals everybody is eating at restaurants. But hey, eating out is expensive, and who wants to leave the apartment, anyway? But what do you do if a.) you don’t know what to cook, and b.) you don’t know how to cook.

Me+Food strikes a very specific demographic. We are the “I want a soufflé, but I don’t want to get out of my pajamas” people. We are the “what the heck does julienne mean” people. We are the “I’ll just boil an egg and call it breakfast” people. Cooking takes time and a whole lot of patience—something none of us, quite frankly, can spare.

Therefore, we aim to strike a balance between informative, encouraging blog posts (anyone else trying to cook in an 80-square-foot kitchen) and quick, easy-to-make recipes. Perfect for weeknights, weekends, entertaining, and prepping for the week, our recipes are fool-proof, require just a half hour of prep time, and can be done with ten ingredients or less. This website is designed to prove that, yes, even you can bake the perfect soufflé—no experience necessary.